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Vietnam | Decision Lab

Decision Lab focuses in on the future of digital media and marketing

By  Jon Aspin    
Decision Lab Founders Featured

In response to the ever-increasing demands on brands to respond quickly to changes in consumer behaviour and technology, and to acknowledge the struggle global marketers now face in understanding how to best leverage the ocean of big data, Decision Lab is restructuring its service model.

As the leading solutions-provider in the field of digital marketing measurement and optimisation in Vietnam, Decision Lab is well placed to help clients embrace the future of digital marketing and navigate the growing complexity of the digital media landscape.

In order to better reflect this, in 2019, the company is taking bold steps to focus its expertise around these core strengths and is reshaping their portfolio of services.

Since 2016 Decision Lab has established a strong reputation in the industry, measuring more than 1,000 campaigns and helping some of the largest advertisers in the region establish strong returns on their digital spend. Decision Lab co-founder, Thue Quist Thomasen said this about the change in strategic focus:

“Because of our track record in driving value around digital marketing, we feel perfectly positioned to help our clients embrace the on-going changes and growing complexity in this field. New channels and platforms are launching all the time, and we intend to stay ahead of the curve in navigating their respective strengths and weaknesses for the people we work for.

The restructure of Decision Lab gives us the best opportunity to do this and remain a viable, growth-focused organisation"

 - Thue Quist Thomasen, Co-founder of Decision Lab 

“The changes are part of a broader strategic challenge we as part of this industry are facing, and will allow us as an organisation to put ourselves on a trajectory of double-digit growth. We already have a full pipeline of new, exciting initiatives to explore with our clients ”

- Aske Østergård, Co-founder of Decision Lab 

To prepare itself, Decision Lab has recalibrated internally, and as of today, will cease services in Food and Beverage and in Product Innovation Research.

“Those teams have done an outstanding job and have made a significant impact on the research industry in Vietnam, contributing to raising standards when it comes to the reporting, analysis and delivery of marketing data ”

- Aske Østergård

 Effectively immediately, Decision Lab will focus its service areas around four key pillars:

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 5.14.57 PM

The company’s two founders remain committed to the ongoing success of the company they have built. Aske Ostergaard will assume the role of CEO and continue to be in charge of daily operations and management. Thue Quist Thomasen will now be Executive Chairman with a focus on driving the organisation forward strategically and developing the business in line with its new vision.

The re-focus has also come with a change in premises, one that is in sync with its strategic shift. Decision Lab has entered into a partnership with WeWork that will put Decision Lab at the centre of a new hub of innovation.

“Our intention is to contribute strongly to this community and we look forward to welcoming our clients to this unique and exclusive space ”

 - Aske Østergård

If you have any questions about the changes at Decision Lab, or would like to talk about how we can help you optimise your digital campaign, contact us at decision@decisionlab.co

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