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Is it acceptable that only 40% of my digital ads reach the target audience?

By  Aske Ostergaard    

In the 2016 edition of Group M’s Interaction, an annual report offering insights into digital advertising globally, it was clearly shown that digital advertising is on the rise in Vietnam.

In fact, since 2013 digital ad investment has grown by triple digits and is forecasted to make up 14-15% of all media investments in 2016. But, as a marketer, what should you expect from your digital ad campaigns? What is an acceptable level of in-target delivery? At Decision Lab, we have been taking a closer look at this.

In a perfect world, your digital ads would reach their target audience with a delivery rate of 100%. While we all know that this isn’t going to happen, few know what to actually expect. Our analysis of hundreds of digital ad campaigns - with the AudienceReport technology - found that levels of in-target rates vary greatly across campaigns, target groups and publishers. Average-in-target-rates-by-target-groups-on-campaign-level--copy.png

Chart: Average in-target rates by target groups 

It is important to remember that the cause of variation with in-target delivery is often the composition of the target itself. Obviously, the more narrow the target group, the harder it is to reach.


Chart: In-target delivery rates for top performing local publishers

So, is 40% an acceptable in-target delivery rate?

Well, it depends on your target audience. If your target group is ‘Female 18-35’ then our research shows 40% is a more than acceptable delivery rate. However, if your target group is ‘Both genders 18-35' then you should probably reevaluate your digital media channels, as broader target groups are easier to reach.

Decision Lab specialize in optimizing your digital campaigns, to make sure you increase your return on investment. Through ongoing tracking of your campaigns on a publisher level, we can empower you to make instant adjustments to your digital media investment. You can read further in our AudienceReport product presentation.

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