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Agile Marketing

Introduction to Agile Marketing

By  Phuc Nguyen Huu    

In today’s consumer landscape in which consumers are choosing to listen to each other instead of brands, research products through social networks rather than search engines, and switch between tangible and digital products intermittently, the modern marketing team must adopt Agile Marketing methodology to respond effectively and efficiently to market demands.


If utilised optimally, this can be applied almost in real-time, establishing a much stronger strategy than the traditional waterfall planning approach. But how best can this work for you and your team? We’ve rounded up some of the best information from around the world on applying Agile Marketing methodology. Here’s how you can make better decisions today:

Google: Embracing learning and testing along the way.

Jon Kaplan, Google's Vice President of US Sales talked about the important of agility in every aspect of the Google's businesses. Jon embraced the idea of starting small and continuous testing and learning (thousand of tests per year in Google) to adapt to the reality and then quickly scale up the products/ businesses when they have a proper market fit.

McKinsey & Company: 3 ways you can be more agile

Chris Gagnon from McKinsey principal explains why agility matters in three key points. Here he succinctly addresses the importance of understanding external happenings, role expectations and the value of innovation.

McKinsey & Company: Make better decisions faster

This video will transform your team into a fast moving, optimising, high priority executing scrum. Learn how to transform ideas into marketing campaign in just days, respond to real time analytics and launch hundreds of tests a year with agile marketing.

SourceSeek: What is Agile Development?

It’s hard to give a simple answer to the question: ‘What is agile development?’. But this video does a good job of breaking up complex information and outlining the concept in clear and applicable terms.

Uzility: 7 minutes of Scrum

By now you should have a good understanding of the importance of Agile Marketing – but how to execute it efficiently? This 7 minute video gives you all you need to know about getting started on revolutionising your project management system. 

TEDx Talks: The art of doing twice as much in half the time by the inventor of Scrum

Get a more general ideal surrounding the concept of agile marketing and its real life application from the inventor of Scrum and one of the world's leading experts of organizational management, Jeff Sutherland. Here he discusses events from his professional life and the lessons he learnt so you can optimise yours.


Get started with Agile Marketing...

Get in touch with Decision Lab's consultants to understand how we can help your marketing team become more agile. You can also read more about our Agile Marketing Deciders that helps you test more and test faster.


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