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AudienceReport’s new feature to measure audiences of YouTube and Facebook

By  Tram Le Hoai    

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Cross-platform audience measurement is back  in Vietnam thanks to the groundbreaking new feature in AudienceReport*

The introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018 rocked the world of digital advertisers. GDPR saw Facebook and YouTube limit the ability of marketers to install third-party tracking pixels on ads that aired on both platforms, making measuring digital campaign performance across these channels more difficult. It is now possible again with a new feature added in AudienceReport.

Currently, marketers are forced to piece together data from disparate sources in order to gain an understanding of their digital campaigns’ overall performance. Specifically, this has meant that brand managers have been unable to report the overlap in audience reach between YouTube, Facebook and other local platforms.

With AudienceReport’s new feature, advertisers will again be able to see their entire digital campaign performance, including Facebook and YouTube, in one convenient location. Even when campaigns are executed within YouTube or Facebook’s ad platform, marketing and brand managers will be armed with everything they need to know to make a comprehensive report on how their digital spend is working out.

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How it works

AudienceReport provides advertisers with reach, affinity and profile metrics across platforms that accept AudienceReport tracking pixels. To activate the metrics for Facebook and YouTube’s platforms, advertisers need to grant AudienceReport access to their Facebook Business Manager account, YouTube Ads or Display & Video 360 account (depending on which tool you use to run YouTube campaigns).

Once activated, data from Facebook and YouTube is transferred to AudienceReport and integrated with data from other media platforms. This process includes the deduplication of reach data, which is fully automated and allows marketing teams to monitor campaigns in real-time. Advertisers who use AudienceReport will then be able to see metrics from these two platforms side by side over the course of their entire digital campaign.

Get started

AudienceReport’s new feature was officially launched at a one of our Spotlight Series events in Ho Chi Minh City on August 29, 2019 at WeWork E. Town Central.

See the presentation here and download this free document to learn more about AudienceReport. To request a free demonstration of how AudienceReport can benefit your business, reach out to decision@decisionlab.co or your account manager at Decision Lab.

*AudienceReport is a product by AudienceProject, distributed in Vietnam exclusively by Decision Lab

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