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Introducing Studies: Video Brand Lift surveys made simpler

By  Tram Luu    
video brand lift studies feature image

Proving the effect of campaigns is an essential part of competing in the media industry. With this in mind, AudienceReport’s new feature Studies is designed to bring publishers the power to initiate, execute and report their own video brand lift study on a large scale at a fraction of the normal cost.

Power to the Publishers

Facebook and Google have long established their own brand lift studies on their platforms, allowing marketers to showcase the effectiveness of their advertising effort and justify allocating their budgets to these giants. Local publishers and ad networks, on the other hand, have to reach out to their partners to conduct their own brand lift studies, which can be costly and time consuming since they lack the economy of scale like Google and Facebook.


With AudienceReport’s new feature Studies, publishers can now run brand lift studies simultaneously for multiple video campaigns on their server, allowing them to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of their media on a large scale at a fraction of the normal cost. It opens up the opportunity for local publishers and ad networks to obtain the data that would help prove the effectiveness of their inventory, and increase their competitiveness against Facebook and Google.

studies metrics overview

Metrics that Matter

Metrics like brand awareness and consideration play a crucial role in any customer journey when it comes to conversion and retention. AudienceReport’s Studies feature come with essential brand lift metrics built-in and make it easy to measure the ones relevant to your advertisers’ specific campaign goals. You can pick from the built-in metrics or add your own questions to include in the survey, and have full control over the survey flow for an optimized and customized study.

studies media metrics

Reliable and Automated

Once your campaign is chosen and your survey ready, the Brand Lift Studies technology identifies users and categorizes them into two different groups; people who have been exposed to the campaign running on your network and people who haven’t been exposed to it.

Afterwards, the Brand Lift Studies technology automatically interviews an equal number of people who did and did not see the campaign (exposed and non-exposed) using the questions you have chosen and customized.

studies result exposed and non exposed

Your study will run on your network as an in-video creative, as a pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll – you decide. This means you will be able to survey individuals when they are watching videos, and therefore won’t need to leave the page to answer your questions. 

studies demo video survey


Numbers that Speak

The survey results can be viewed continuously in real-time in an easy-to-understand report, giving you an excellent overview of the measured effects. You can also get a detailed drill down for each question to compare the exposed and non-exposed groups’ responses and export results to a CSV file.

studies dashboard


Easy to Set up

studies set upSetting up the survey is only a matter of drag-and-drop questions, built-in or customised, to create a questionnaire for your video campaign. 

When your survey is ready, embed it on your video campaign and video player or adserver, preview it and launch.

You can now start viewing the impact of your advertising efforts on the report dashboard, in real-time.

Experience Now

We can help you improve your competitiveness and stand out among your competitors. Reach out to your contact point at Decision Lab or contact us at decision@decisionlab.co and we will walk you through the experience.


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