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Vivid Ad Solutions partners with Decision Lab to measure brand impact

By  Phuc Nguyen Huu    

Vivid Ad Solutions, one of Vietnam’s leading digital video advertising networks cum agency, today announced a partnership with the agile marketing research company Decision Lab. Via the partnership, Vivid Ad Solutions’ eligible clients will now be able to measure brand impact with Decision Lab’s Effect Lab free of charge.

When running a digital branding campaign, traditional engagement metrics (e.g. clicks, likes, comments or shares) provide a basic understanding of performance. However, these metrics don’t give insights into how the campaign is affecting the brand.

In fact, numerous studies have shown that you shouldn’t rely on click-based measures to assess the brand impact. Measuring reach and frequency, increases in brand awareness, brand in consideration set or purchase intent as a result of seeing the digital advertising should be in the forefront. 

“At Vivid Ad Solutions, we optimize and enhance marketing campaigns by delivering iTVCs to the right audience via the most effective and cost efficient media mix.

We know we deliver higher ROI than most networks, but we want our clients to see it for themselves. That’s why we have entered into the partnership with Decision Lab to provide state of the art third party measurement. ”

 - Thanh Nguyen,  CEO of Vivid Ad Solutions

“I am pleased to be in partnership with Vivid Ad Solutions. Not only are they innovative and ambitious on behalf of their clients, they also prove their impact with data and facts.

Going beyond traditional metrics such as impressions, clicks, frequency and reach to measure impact and effect on consumers’ perception is crucial for digital branding campaigns. ”

- Aske Østergård, Founder of Decision Lab 

Get Started

For more information on requirements and to see if your campaign qualifies for a free Effect Lab study, please reach out to Vivid Ad Solutions.


About Effect Lab

Effect Lab helps you understand the effectiveness of your digital campaigns and goes beyond conventional media and engagement metrics. By combining audience data with survey responses, Effect Lab quantifies and provides insights into brand metrics such as campaign recall, brand awareness and brand consideration.

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