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Understand Foodservice better with these key improvements

By  Linh Ho    

The foodservice industry is no longer a hit and miss game in Vietnam thanks to Decision Lab’s Foodservice Monitor. The daily report tracks which segments are eating out, the type of restaurants chosen, as well as when and why.

Decision Lab has recently implemented crucial changes to the Foodservice Monitor Report:

Executive Summary – Key takeaways for both the Out-of-home market & your segment


The Executive Summary provides easily digestible highlights from the report. The first section covers any significant development in the total out-of-home market in that quarter. The next summary focuses on rising trends/issues that have specific impacts on your segment.

Scorecard of Key indicators


The Scorecard monitors fluctuations in visits and sales. Our key indicators include Average Eater Spending & Average Annual Visits across Vietnam’s three main cities – Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. Changes in consumption mode and channels are also imperative for the observance.

The latest report is available to purchase from our website.

Analysis on seasonality and changes in the market and your segment


The advantage of continuous consumer monitoring allows Decision Lab to analyze seasonal changes in sales and visits, and other new trends in the out-of-home market and your segment of interest. This serves as a competitive advantage for you, helping you stay updated & competitive in the industry.

Clear guidance on how to use the data for your business


Our reports are comprehensive, yet insightful and come with clear guidance on how to read the Foodservice Monitor. There are also explanations on all the data that’s relevant to your business.


Get in touch with Decision Lab’s Foodservice consultants to understand how we can help you to grow in Vietnam’s Out-of-home market. You can also read more about how our Foodservice Monitor Reports provide you with a comprehensive overview of the market and your brand’s performance. 

About Foodservice Monitor

Foodservice Monitor gathers information daily on out of home consumption in Vietnam and presents this in the accessible reports for subscribers, providing a complete overview of restaurant visits, spend, types of food & drink consumed, reasons/motivations for consumption, eating occasions, the location of the restaurant and much more.

Read more about Foodservice Monitor here
Purchase the latest report here

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