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Knight Frank got quick turnaround with existing data in YouGov Cube

How YouGov Omnibus has helped Knight Frank to conduct one of the biggest surveys of its kind and speed up the process with readily existing data in the YouGov Cube - explained Gráinne Gilmore, Head of Residential Research.


Client Testimonial 

“YouGov were able to amass a sample of 7,000 people - one of the biggest surveys of its kind ever conducted. YouGov already had so much data about the people taking the survey which sped up the whole process and gave us really granular data.”

- Gráinne Gilmore, Head of Residential Research at Knight Frank

About Knight Frank 

Knight Frank is a global real estate consultancy, offering services to the clients to search and secure the best property for sale and rent. They commit in building long-term relationships, providing personalized, clear and well-studied advice on all aspects of property in all key markets.

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