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Shortlist Media achieved on-demand insights about readers' profiles

Shortlist Media aimed to define specific reader profiles to understand Stylist and Shortlist magazines’ target audiences with depth.

Addressing the issues  

The subscription to YouGovProfiles enabled Shortlist Media to understand their readers and target audiences with depth and details. Being able to slice and dice into the data is very important for the publisher, because they could be in line with consumers’ high expectations and produce content that is informative, exciting and inspiring. 

The approach 

With a few days turnaround, the delivered solution was YouGov’s re-contact surveys from Nationwide Omnibus Service - reaching out to 18,000 respondents with customized questions to portray the readers. YouGovProfiles dashboard was then provided for real-time updates.

The outcome

Shortlist was able to segment their readers easily on  the Profiles platform, by deep diving into more than 190,000 Profiles data points for analysis. 

The proprietary profiling ability helped to deliver many actionable insights for Shortlist. For instance, 23% of their readers accessed content via Shortlist website in the last month, in which 1 out of 5 did so via email. Readers who are most likely to read a print or digital version are of age 35 to 54. Compared to other free magazine readers, Shortlist readers are more likely to notice ads at train stations.

“The ability to look at our reader profiles against so many thousands of attitudes, beliefs and behaviours is hugely valuable.”

- Ryan Munson, Insight Manager, Shortlist Media

About Shortlist Media

The firm is one of the most rapidly growing media companies in the UK. Established in 2007 by  Mike Soutar, Tim Ewington, Karl Marsden, Phil Hilton and Matt Phare. As one of the first to run a freemium publishing model,  Shortlist commits to engage the Met Set readers with high-quality, free and premium content.

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