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Lan Truong

Decision Lab to welcome the next generation of agile consultants

Boutique market research agency Decision Lab continues to expand its suite of Decision Consultants with the on-boarding of six newest consultants. 

Following its mission of making market research agile, connected, and decision-focused, the Ho Chi Minh based company is growing steadily in size and expertise.

New consultants - Who are they?

The new consultants hail from top universities around the world: University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), Wabash College (United States), Concordia University (Canada), Teesside University (Czech Republic), University of Melbourne (Australia), and University of Economics & Law (Vietnam). 

While having vastly different majors ranging from psychology to economics, they all share something in common: they are thoughtful, creative, and adaptable.

Decision Lab CEO and co-founder, Aske Østergård, said:

“This year, after interviewing a highly qualified and competitive pool of candidates, we are thrilled to welcome six consultants, who truly impressed us with their background, skills, and most importantly a can-do attitude. 

No matter the background and experience, it is a prerequisite for our team members to possess strong analytical skills. We pride ourselves on our agility and adaptability, as we deliver customized solutions to our clients and master the use of newest technologies and solutions in market research.”

In a few words, what are the new Labsters most excited about?

  • Huong: “My new colleagues, and the opportunity to deliver quality solutions to our clients.”
  • Uyen: “The a-ha moments when I discover something new, which is already happening during the bootcamp!”
  • Vy: “The scope of work itself, and working alongside coworkers who are dedicated to the company's mission”
  • Anh: “The collaborative environment where we share the same goals and strive to reach them together”
  • Thach: “The opportunity to uncover deep marketing insights for brand-name clients in an agile, professional, and international environment”
  • Nam: “Learning and improving different skill sets from a highly smart and welcoming team”

The Bootcamp - What is included?

The consultants will begin their journey at Decision Lab with a 2.5-week bootcamp. This bootcamp gives them an intensive and comprehensive introduction to Decision Lab’s solutions, research methodology, the Online Community, and many more. They will then conduct a mock research project from A to Z, and present their findings at the end of the bootcamp.

What's next after the Bootcamp?

Following the bootcamp, the consultants will begin a 18-month program with team rotations. They will work alongside seasoned consultants, and get hands-on experience with a variety of projects. During this period, they will have the opportunity to join different teams to gain knowledge from all company functions. Once they complete both the bootcamp and the program, they will graduate as generalists with a strong research foundation and the ability to advise clients. 

Interested in being the next generation of consultants?

Decision Lab is dedicated to the ongoing training and professional excellence of its employees. Learn more about Careers at Decision Lab here.