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Thue Thomasen

From Epinion to Decision Lab: The new name in Asian market research

Three months after executing a management buyout from Epinion, the new research company is announcing a new brand name, Decision Lab.

You receive this announcement, as the change in brand name will affect you. However, the change in name from Epinion Asia to Decision Lab will not affect ongoing contracts or issued proposals, as they will stay business as usual, but only affect name and strategy.

You can read more about the management buyout from Epinion in the announcement from January. Legally, the company will stay with the same cooperate registration number.

About Decision Lab

Decision Lab is managed by the former management team of Epinion Asia; Aske Nickolaj Bach Østergård and Thue Quist Thomasen. 

The mission is to deliver agile, connected and decision focused market research. 

Brands in Asia are experiencing disruption as consumers adopt new technologies and interact with products and campaigns in new ways. Therefore, Decision Lab and a group of international experts has been conducting a series of workshops to strengthen focus and adapt our offerings, so Decision Lab will keep challenging clients with the newest thinking. 

We want to work with progressive clients who understand the need for digital fluidity and share our interest in modern consumers in Asia. Brands who understand the need to make decisions faster and in a different continuum than before, as today’s consumers adopt new technologies and interact with products and campaigns in new ways. 

We say it’s time to digitalize. 

We look forward to continue working and learning with you under our new outfit. If you have any questions, please contact us at decision@decisionlab.co




Aske Østergård
+ 84 946 270 290


Thue Quist Thomasen
+ 84 946 270 280


Decision Lab is helping clients by delivering the best possible basis for decision making within three levels:

  1. Consumer understanding
  2. Strategy and planning
  3. Execution

The services all have a focus on delivering speed and flexibility by connecting brands seamlessly to consumers. This is powered by our three main ingredients:

  • The largest Online Community for research in Southeast Asia
  • Partnerships with leading technology providers in the industry
  • An international team of Decision Consultants with the flexibility to design studies and apply the right tools