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Pizza Hut Vietnam
Phong Do

From Insights to Impact: How Pizza Hut Vietnam Leveraged Real-time Tracking to Secure Market Leadership

The issues

For more than 15 years, Pizza Hut Vietnam has been committed to expanding and nurturing its pizza restaurants in the country. 

With an unwavering dedication to growth and maintaining the leading position in the pizza category in Vietnam, Pizza Hut faced critical challenges. These challenges included monitoring brand development, keeping an eye on competitors, and identifying emerging consumer trends. 

Pizza Hut Vietnam recognised that staying ahead in this highly competitive market required a solution providing accurate insights to guide their strategic decisions.

The approach

As YouGov’s exclusive partner in Vietnam, Decision Lab leverages YouGov BrandIndex solution, a syndicated brand tracker, to help Pizza Hut Vietnam achieve its business objectives. 

This solution provides Pizza Hut Vietnam with continuous access to real-time brand data and competitor insights. 

This data-driven platform equips Pizza Hut Vietnam with a wealth of benefits, including access to daily, representative consumer data across 16 critical metrics. This data allows them to make data-driven decisions, benchmark their brand's performance, and spot emerging market trends. Decision Lab is YouGov’s exclusive partner in Vietnam.

With years of historical data at its fingertips, Pizza Hut Vietnam gains a unique perspective, allowing it to analyse the evolution of its brand over time and track competitors' development. The platform offers custom reporting, enabling Pizza Hut Vietnam to tailor their insights to specific periods and target audience segments. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with Pizza Hut Vietnam's in-house data, providing a comprehensive view of the brand's performance.

The impact

The implementation of YouGov BrandIndex has delivered tangible results for Pizza Hut Vietnam. They can now respond rapidly to short-term market developments while efficiently managing long-term strategic objectives. Generating seamless quarterly brand reports at the corporate management level has become a cornerstone in their ongoing brand management and strategy. As a result, Pizza Hut Vietnam is well-positioned to consolidate and expand its position in the F&B landscape in Vietnam.

This data-driven approach has empowered Pizza Hut Vietnam to navigate the dynamic F&B sector confidently. It has allowed them to spot opportunities, address challenges, and make informed decisions, contributing to their continued growth and market leadership.

“Working with Decision Lab has been a pleasure for our team. We really appreciate their expertise, especially their responsiveness and supportiveness in case of urgent needs. We continue to use YouGov BrandIndex as our main tool to track our brand and competitors, enabling us to spot trends and market opportunities and make data-driven decisions.”

Michael Lin, General Manager of Pizza Hut Vietnam.