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Phong Do

Happiness Saigon leveraging omnibus service for rapid consumer insights

The issues

Happiness Saigon, a creative agency tasked with developing a marketing campaign for a client, needed consumer insights into Vietnam's rapidly evolving electric bike industry. Traditional research methods, on the other hand, were time-consuming and would not provide the immediate insights required to adapt to the fast-paced market.

The approach

Happiness Saigon turned to Decision Lab's omnibus service, which offered the fastest and most efficient way to collect consumer data in the Vietnam market.

Within three days, the omnibus survey was fielded to a representative sample of 1000 participants in Vietnam. Happiness Saigon received timely and relevant insights from the omnibus service to inform their marketing strategy for their client.

The impact

Rapid insights from the omnibus service enabled data-driven marketing strategy development in days, not weeks, helping Happiness Saigon adapt to the dynamic e-bike market and make informed decisions.

"I was impressed with the speed and ease of Decision Lab's omnibus service. Within just three days, we obtained high-quality consumer insights that helped us shape our marketing strategy. The efficient process and professional team made working with Decision Lab a breeze. Highly recommended for quick and reliable market research."

- Alan Cerutti, Co-founder & CEO, Happiness Saigon

About omnibus service

Vietnam Omnibus is a cost-effective method to gather robust, nationally representative data in as few as three working days. You will receive access to our online dashboard, allowing self-service reporting and analysis.

Start with at least three questions to hear from 1000+ of our panelists in Vietnam.

Contact us to learn more about the omnibus service.