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Dang Ngoc Xuan

Testing TVCs for Dutch Lady

Before one of the most loved dairy brands in Vietnam went to air with their new campaign for a UHT milk product, they asked Decision Lab to evaluate which of two TVCs would have the most impact.

The Issue

When you are one of the most trusted brands in the country, as well as one of the most popular, it’s a position worth protecting. To achieve this, relevant and engaging communication is essential.

When FrieslandCampina Vietnam came to Decision Lab with two separate executions of their new campaign, they weren’t sure which one would work better. In short, they needed to know which of two creative campaigns would have the most impact on their target audience: shoppers with kids aged 4-12, the consumer demographic of their Dutch Lady UHT milk product.

To do this, they asked Decision Lab to provide them with a fast-turnaround, in-market response that rated both ads in terms of their likability, message relevancy and impact on purchase consideration.

The approach

Using our Creative Decider product, a mobile-first survey that leverages the largest online community of its kind in Southeast Asia, Decision Lab were able to help make the decision for them in a data-driven and consumer-oriented way.

In just a few days, we surveyed men and women aged 25-45 in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang - all users of UHT and milk-based based products - and asked them a series of questions about both ads across three broad performance indicators: Communication, Ad Appeal and Consumer Action.

To avoid bias, and to ensure that the survey was concise, each respondent evaluated only one TVC, and this formed the basis of our Go/No-Go model of decision-making. This rates each ad’s individual performance in more specific metrics including stopping power, brand linkage, understandability, it's viral potential and purchase intent.

The result was reported real time on Decision Lab's Dashboard. Click to see the sample dashboard.


The survey revealed that one execution clearly outperformed the other, particularly in terms of its ability to ‘interrupt’ people’s daily life, its message recall and overall likability - all of which are reliable indicators of performance once consumers stand at the point of purchase and opt to make a decision.

In addition, respondents were able to add their verbatim comments about individual creative elements of each campaign that either appealed or didn’t. ‘It was funny, short and easy to remember’, said one respondent. ‘I like the music,’ said another, ‘it reminded me of being that age.’


Using the decision-focused report that Decision Lab’s team of marketers then compiled for them in the post-survey period, FCV were able to select their preferred ad version for the campaign and activate in the market with confidence.

Assisting them with this was the insight they were able to gain via their access to our easy-to-digest Creative Decider dashboard, which enables brand owners to see survey results and those all-important creative KPI’s as they are received online.

Takeaways included: 

  • A clear understanding of what appeals and what doesn’t to specific target audiences.
  • A real-life review of their creative strengths and weaknesses.
  • An understanding of how agile market research can impact their future campaigns.

To find out how Decision Lab can help you move forward with your next campaign with confidence, or to book a free product demonstration, get in touch with us today.