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Optimising digital campaigns for Sabeco, Vietnam's largest brewery

By  Thue Thomasen    

If there’s a place in Vietnam where you can’t get a Sabeco brewed beer, we’d like to hear about it. In fact, as Vietnam’s leading brewery and the producer of 333, Bia Saigon and Saigon Special, Sabeco holds a 46% market share in Vietnam selling almost 1.4 billion litres of beer in 2014 alone.  

However, as the market in Vietnam becomes increasingly digitalised, Sabeco, along with most other brands has had to embrace digital media. Here’s how we applied clever insights and our unique, in-house developed platform to help Vietnam’s leading brewery compete better.


In order to run effective social media campaigns Sabeco needed greater understanding of who their audience actually was. With more than 100,000 Facebook fans it was crucial for the company to know whether these fans liked the page because they were true Sabeco fans or if they just liked it for the sake of it?

Sabeco also needed to know whether the ‘true fans’ were engaging with the page, and if they even knew or even remembered that they had liked the page in the first place.

Without this information Sabeco ran the risk of analysing the effectiveness of their campaigns based on falsified and biased data, wasting time and money in the process.


Our consultants worked with Sabeco to create an innovative proposal that would generate the greatest insight. With our unique Facebook Page Study tool we were able to address the task creatively and effectively by splitting an online quantitative study into three areas. 

Firstly, we evaluated the profiles that had ‘liked’ the Sabeco page to ascertain whether they matched certain criteria Sabeco outlined as belonging to their target profile.

Then the Decision Lab team uncovered how many fans were ‘true fans’ who engaged with the page and remembered ‘liking’ it, before establishing whether their communication efforts were providing the required information to the desired audience.


As a result of our agile and decision focussed market research, Sabeco gained valuable insight on how they could gain greater engagement with their ‘true fans’ and leverage further impact from future digital campaigns, reducing time and money spent on ineffective digital marketing campaigns.

The results of the study also provided Sabeco with key areas on how they could improve their Facebook page, as well as enabling us to give Sabeco a far more detailed breakdown of their audience than  ‘Facebook insights’ allows.

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