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Thue Thomasen

Optimising Facebook campaign ROI for ICP, a leading FMCG brand in Vietnam

International Consumer Products Corporation (ICP) is a leading Vietnamese FMCG company with brands including X-Men, X-Men for Boss and L'oviteI. Of its brands, X-men is ICP’s most successful and is also the market leader for male personal care products in Vietnam. 


When X-men launched a campaign “Let not your masculinity fade by body odour” (“Đừng để mồ hôi cuốn trôi bản lĩnh”), they used celebrity Johnny Trí Nguyễn and created stories on a dedicated Facebook Page.

The campaign created a big community of fans who interacted by sharing their own stories and the “Đàn Ông Đích Thực Fanpage”  achieved nearly 220,000 likes and more than 6,000 mentions.


To actually evaluate the effectiveness of this campaign, Decision Lab worked with ICP to conduct a campaign evaluation survey. This would not only measure the effectiveness of the campaign but also help ICP gain knowledge for future campaigns. Decision Lab conducted an online study looking at 'fans' and 'non-fans' of X-men.


By utilising the power of Decision Lab’s industry-unique targeting and segmentation of Facebook fans, ICP was able to gain real insight into the impact of the campaign on all online groups; X-men 'fans' who are aware they had liked the page, 'fans' who were not aware and the general population (non-fans) in one single study without falsified and biased data.

With the insight gained ICP was better able to understand the return-on-investment Facebook provided.