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Katrin Roscher

Presenting GrabBike with clear opportunities for growth in Vietnam


Over the last few years, Vietnam has seen a significant increase of smartphone-ordered rides. The underdeveloped public transportation system has resulted in an abundance of car and motorbike taxis competing for customers. In Vietnamese towns, motorbike taxis, called xe ôm, are everywhere. The majority are run by individuals, making reservations difficult and fares often strongly fluctuate.

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In late 2014, Grab launched its service ‘GrabBike’ in Ho Chi Minh City and later in Hanoi. The service is a motorbike taxi dispatch app which uses a smartphone’s GPS and allows users to order a ride from the nearest motorbike taxi that is registered with GrabBike. Since the app shows the approximate fare for the ride it is no surprise that the launch of GrabBike proved to be a success.

GrabBike’s success made it necessary for the brand to better understand its customers, the impact of its marketing campaigns and estimate potential future growth to help shape GrabBike’s marketing plans and expansion strategy.


Decision Lab conducted a Usage & Attitude online study in the two largest cities of Vietnam - Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Respondents were categorized into three different user groups: GrabBike users, informal motorbike taxi users, and self-motorbike drivers.

The study focused on motorbike usage behaviors, habits, attitudes, triggers and barriers to motorbike taxi choice. It also aimed to discover unfulfilled needs and/or gaps to identify growth opportunities for GrabBike.

One key component of the study was to estimate GrabBike’s current market share in the whole trip universe, as well as in the motorbike taxi market in Vietnam.

We worked closely with Grab in order to understand exactly what they needed to know to make the best decisions.


Decision Lab produced a wide range of actionable insights for GrabBike based on agile and connected market research. Besides mapping the brand’s current position on the transportation market, we advised which customer target segments and locations would yield the strongest wins to strengthen GrabBike’s market position.

We also provided an effective evaluation of GrabBike’s current marketing efforts and gave key recommendations on how to win their customer’s heart, mind and pocket.

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