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Tram Le Hoai

Real-time campaign optimization: A case with FrieslandCampina

After FrieslandCampina's product YoMost successfully established itself as the category leader of drinking yogurt in Vietnam, the brand set its product an even more challenging goal: to become the category leader of healthy drink in Vietnam, a much broader and more competitive category. One of their first missions was to increase the spontaneous awareness of YoMost and encourage product consideration.

Addressing the issues

YoMost’s target audience, known as Generation Z, is the first to be born with access to the internet, whose lives now revolve around their internet-connected devices. In theory, this should make it easy for YoMost to reach them. However, with a shorter attention span and a different media consumption pattern than previous generations, catching their attention and ensuring brand retention have become increasingly difficult.

In order to counteract this, YoMost created a strategy that would keep their brand fresh in the minds of their audience by aiming to show them new content each time. They produced ads that were customized for each online channel and constantly rotated. Yet monitoring the brand impact generated provided challenging.

FrieslandCampina’s media team needed to make fact-based decisions on when to stop airing a creative or shut down a channel and, as such, getting the relevant information in real-time was imperative.

The approach

FrieslandCampina and their media agency enrolled Decision Lab to enable them to make fact-based decisions in a faster manner. By applying a combination of AudienceReportDecision Lab’s native Facebook application, custom audiences and retargeting technology, Decision Lab and FrieslandCampina introduced the first-ever real-time cross-platform digital brand tracking solution in Vietnam.

With this solution, YoMost was capable of monitoring the brand impact generated by each creative, regardless of the digital channel they were aired on. Even the walled gardens (i.e. Facebook in-app and YouTube in-app) were unlocked with this approach.

The cooperation from three sides follows an agile working process:



Based on the real time brand measurement data provided by Decision Lab, FrieslandCampina and the media agency were able to tweak their plan mid-flight, optimizing their media strategy.


As a result, FrieslandCampina was able to gain an accurate insight into the performance of creatives and devices, and act upon this data in real-time, avoiding wasted resources. With a careful analysis of the available data, Decision Lab was able to discover important findings on the interactional effect of creatives and channels. These valuable learnings meant FrieslandCampina could optimize their subsequent media investment.