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Phong Do

Thought leadership report by The Sentry and Decision Lab helps uncover the future of work in Vietnam

The issues

The COVID-19 pandemic redefined the relationship between life and work, prompting organisations to adapt and become more flexible, innovative, and collaborative. The pandemic's influence lingered, altering people's ideal workplace concepts and influencing their workplace preferences. Understanding these influences was pivotal to comprehending changing workplace trends and meeting employee expectations.

The Sentry is a community developer that is responding to these changes and providing a new workspace solution that meets the unique requirements of modern professionals. Their spaces stimulate innovation, encourage collaboration, and improve productivity for all types of work.

To help guide companies in gaining more insights into the perceptions and attitudes of Vietnamese employees towards their ideal workplace, The Sentry collaborated with Decision Lab to conduct a study focusing on the future of work in Vietnam.

The Future of Work - Thought leadership report by The Sentry and Decision LabThe Future of Work - Thought leadership report by The Sentry and Decision Lab

The approach

We meticulously researched the impact of COVID-19 and the interplay between technology and the workplace. 

Recognising that the pandemic had accelerated remote work and reshaped employee expectations, we delved into existing knowledge to discern whether these shifts signified transient trends or a fundamental workplace transformation. 

Concurrently, we investigated how technological advancements, such as generative AI, were redefining work environments, examining their influence on collaboration, productivity, and company culture.  

This dual-focused research was crucial in crafting a survey that would reflect current realities and anticipate future developments, ensuring that our report provided actionable insights for navigating the evolving landscape of the post-pandemic workplace.

When it came time to share our discoveries, we amplified our voice through a network of powerful communication avenues. We presented the report at the grand opening of The Sentry P, their newest workspace. The event provided an opportunity to highlight key takeaways and discuss with industry leaders.

In tandem with this, we shared the findings with the press to capture media attention, expanding our reach further. The report was then distributed to our extensive subscriber base, engaging a community of over 20,000 professionals. Our strategic use of social media further amplified the conversation, sparking dialogue and sharing across numerous platforms and professional networks.

The impact

The report titled "The Future of Work" became a cornerstone of thought leadership for The Sentry. It resonated with a wide audience, leading to:

  • Over 400 downloads within the first month of release; 
  • Over 15+ press clippings across major industry publications and general news outlets; 
  • Over 20,000 social impressions were generated through organic shares.

The Sentry’s CEO, Greg Ohan, said Decision Lab’s report had already impacted the company’s understanding of the workforce and would strengthen its branding as a thought leader in the market.

“We are happy with the collaboration with Decision Lab. They have delivered a high-quality report that provides valuable insights into the needs and preferences of Vietnamese employees in the post-pandemic era. 

The report has helped us better understand our target market and position ourselves as a leading innovative and flexible workspace provider. The report has also generated a lot of positive media attention and enhanced our reputation as a thought leader in the industry. 

We are impressed by the speed and professionalism of Decision Lab. We look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Greg Ohan  Greg Ohan, CEO of The Sentry.


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