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The Business Climate Index Q4 2022

The Business Climate Index (BCI) is a regular barometer of the business sentiment among European companies operating in Vietnam. Because of the active participation of EuroCham members in this survey since 2011, the BCI is seen by decision-makers, media, and business professionals in Vietnam as a key indicator of economic activity in the country.

The BCI consolidates perceptions of European and Europe-related companies operating in Vietnam regarding the state and evolution of the business environment in the country.

Since Quarter 2 of 2018, the quarterly BCI survey has been conducted by Decision Lab, a Vietnam-based market research agency with the mission to deliver agile, connected and decision focused market research. Decision Lab is the exclusive partner of YouGov in Vietnam. We help clients by delivering the best possible basis for decision making. Our value chain is a virtuous circle of a highly engaged online community, powerful analytics technology, delivery of syndicated data products, expert insights and an authoritative media presence.

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