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Adtima Decision Lab
Tram Le Hoai

Adtima locks in Decision Lab to measure campaign effectiveness

Adtima, one of the leading providers of mobile advertising in Vietnam, has partnered with agile market research company, Decision Lab to provide their clients with a fully transparent assessment of the effectiveness of their brand campaigns.

Via the partnership, Adtima will provide its clients with more than just performance and engagement metrics. Clients will be able to justify their investment in Adtima’s platforms knowing exactly how it contributes to the overall development of their brand.

With years of cumulative experience producing accurate and objective brand lift studies in the region, Decision Lab was the preferred choice to measure the brand impact of advertisements on Adtima’s platforms.

“At Adtima, we are aiming to move beyond campaign performance and begin to focus on branding campaigns in which the impact on brand KPIs is a key concern of our clients.

The partnership with Decision Lab will enable us to be transparent with our clients on how much brand impact advertising on our platforms has. For us internally, having an understanding of our campaign’s effectiveness will also help our team to optimize brand KPIs"

 - Chu Thi Diem Thuy,  Head of Strategic Planning, Adtima

“We are pleased that our capability and experience in evaluating digital campaign effectiveness can add additional value to Adtima’s service.

Moving beyond conventional metrics such as impression and clicks is ambitious but crucial for digital branding campaigns. Adtima’s move in this directions proves to us that they are fully dedicated to their clients and helping them to achieve greater ROI. We are honored to be a part of that journey.”

- Aske Østergård, Founder of Decision Lab 

Get Started

For more information on campaign measurement or to see if your campaign qualifies for an Effect Lab study, please reach out to Adtima.


About Effect Lab

Effect Lab helps brands understand the effectiveness of their digital campaigns and goes beyond conventional media and engagement metrics. By combining audience data with survey responses, Effect Lab quantifies and provides insights into brand metrics such as campaign recall, brand awareness and brand consideration.