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Thue Thomasen

Almost half of mobile ads are clicked on by mistake

Abrand new study from Decision Lab and Omnicom Media Group has highlighted the huge void in knowledge surrounding effective mobile marketing at present.

For despite 77% of people in Southeast Asia saying they were aware they had clicked on a mobile ad over the last month, only 52% of those had done so on purpose. Clearly there is much more market research needed in mobile advertising when it comes to targeting.

Our research also found that the most attractive ads to mobile users were those that were personalised to them or that they could chose to watch or engage with (77%). These types were followed by ads that were entertaining or that rewarded the user (60%). The study, which covered Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand also found:

  • 74% are heavily dependent on their phone to ease boredom.
  • Today's phone users look for functional offerings from their phone, rather than entertainment i.e. enjoying inspirational quotes, self-improvement tips and recipes.
  • Malaysia has the highest smartphone penetration at 47%, with the Philippines and Indonesia coming in last with 37%.
  • For many accessing the internet via mobile is the only way they connect online, for some it is all they’ve ever known.
  • 56% of respondents never switch off their phone.

The value of mobile marketing to brands in South East Asia is clearly very valuable. However, brands must to more to ensure they are connecting effectively and efficiently. This means that not only are a third of people fastidiously ignoring mobile marketing efforts, but almost half of those who are aware of them are only engaging by accident.