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Homegrown Coc Coc fast-rising among international web browsers
Thach Huynh

Homegrown Coc Coc fast-rising among international web browsers

In the first quarter of 2022, Coc Coc is rising fast in terms of usage and user favorability, especially for the mobile version of the browser.

Since Q1 2021, Decision Lab has been tracking the development of the web browser market in Vietnam for both mobile and PC browsers. By and large, both browser landscapes are dominated by Google Chrome, with the giant used by 72% and 78% of users on mobile devices and PC respectively. 

However, in the beginning of 2022, Google Chrome saw diminished performance in Vietnam compared to the previous quarter. Incidentally, Coc Coc, the made-in-Vietnam web browser, showed improvements in usage & user preference, especially for its mobile version.

The second-placer

Among the crowded web browser landscape in Vietnam, Coc Coc holds itself as the second-most popular desktop web browser, second to only Google Chrome. A web browser proudly made in Vietnam, Coc Coc far surpasses the likes of Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari in usage and user preference, our data suggest.



In Q1 2022, Coc Coc gained 4 percentage points in popularity and 2 percentage points in user preference compared to previous quarter. Boasting 2x speed compared to Google Chrome and other features such as hassle-free video downloading directly from the browser, Coc Coc is attracting users through solving their pain points. Perhaps it is through such an insightful understanding of the local market that Coc Coc was able to win against global competition.

Fast catching up on mobile

While Coc Coc showed improved performances in the desktop browser category, the mobile version of the web browser showed marked growth in popularity and preference. Specifically, 7% more Vietnamese turned to Coc Coc, indicating a 78% growth in usage. Additionally, Coc Coc was the go-to mobile browser for 8% of Vietnamese users, marking a 60% increase in consumer preference.



Much like Coc Coc Desktop, the mobile version of the browser separates itself from default options on mobile devices through such features as 2x loading speed, ad blocking, and easy video download. Coc Coc Mobile also offers users a safer web browsing experience.

Coc Coc, much akin to Zalo, holds the status of one of the few made-in-Vietnam products that can compete with international giants. With Vietnam’s high rate of digitalization and entrepreneurship, more and more made-in-Vietnam products may compete with international products in popular categories in Vietnam.

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