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Thach Huynh

Google partners up with Decision Lab to uncover the latest insights for Summer 2021


Summer 2021 is arriving, and how would this year be different? Google, in partnership with Decision Lab, recently hosted a panel discussion to share fresh insights on Vietnamese consumers.

On Wednesday, 17th of March, 2021, Google organized its very own Think with Google: Summer Insights 2021 event, which aimed to help brands in Vietnam prepare their strategy for the season and dive deep into their consumers’ behavior. 

Decision Lab is thrilled to have had the opportunity to provide Google with exclusive and highly customized data about Vietnamese consumer behaviors. We executed a full-cycle research project to investigate summer behavior with a robust sample size, collected from our online panel throughout Vietnam.

In this event, which welcomed an audience of over two thousand people tuning in in real-time, Google incorporated Decision Lab’s survey data with insights from Google Mobility Report to paint the full picture of Vietnam’s summer consumer landscape. They compared and contrasted this year’s summer behavior with last year’s to demonstrate the changes in consumer’s search, mobility, and anticipation. 

According to Google, Vietnamese consumers will stay relatively indoors this summer due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. That said, Vietnamese consumers still look forward to a “summer well-spent,” with 3 times more people searching for the start date of summer 2021 compared to the same period last year. In addition, these consumers demonstrated a preference for more “play, well-being, bonding, and self-improvement” this summer. Watch the full video here for the full scope. Google has inspired and informed their audience to reach more consumers at the right time using Google products and solutions. 

We can help you make agile decisions in real time

Decision Lab provides up-to-the-minute reporting on the latest consumer trends and preferences based on our creation and custody of the largest online community of its kind in Southeast Asia. We help brands make informed advertising decisions by providing understanding of digital consumers’ behavior in an agile manner.

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