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Linh Vu

Travel Trends 2024: Vietnam Airlines dominates as travel enthusiasm surges in Vietnam

Travel and tourism are witnessing a remarkable resurgence in popularity among the Vietnamese. Data from YouGov Profiles reveals that the passion for vacations and trips has significantly increased, climbing from the sixth position in 2023 (31%) to becoming the fourth interest among Vietnamese citizens in 2024 (33.4%). This growing enthusiasm for travel indicates a promising demand increase, presenting a wealth of opportunities for tourism operators and travel agencies to capitalise on the revitalised market.

Decision Lab, YouGov's exclusive partner in Vietnam, has published the Travel Rankings 2024. This ranking is determined by YouGov BrandIndex's Consideration Score, which gauges the likelihood of consumers choosing a brand when next purchasing travel and leisure products. The ranking highlights the brands with the highest average Consideration scores from May 22, 2023, to May 21, 2024, compared to May 22, 2022, to May 21, 2023. 

Download the full ranking at Decision Lab’s website. 

Consideration for Vietnam Airlines remains far above other players

The Decision Lab Travel Rankings 2024 reveal that airlines, online platforms, and travel agencies are leading the travel industry. Vietnam Airlines (47.8) continues to be the most considered travel brand, significantly outperforming its competitors. Vietjet Air (24.1) has moved up one spot to secure the second position, while Traveloka (20.0), an online travel platform, has also risen one rank to claim third place.

One noticeable movement within the top 10 is the decrease in Bamboo Airways' ranking. The airline has lost two spots compared to the previous period and is now fourth in the overall ranking. This drop is likely due to the financial difficulties and restructuring efforts that Bamboo Airways has been undergoing in late 2023 and early 2024. 

Download the full ranking at Decision Lab’s website.  

The e-commerce super app, Shopee (Travel) (7.0), has climbed two spots from its previous position, impressively landing itself among the top 10 most considered travel brands this year. This achievement may be attributed to Shopee (Travel)’s strong brand presence and the expansion of its e-commerce platform. Additionally, the inclusion of Shopee (Travel) and MoMo (Travel) (8.0) within this ranking underscores the rapid development of super apps in Vietnam. It also serves as a testament to the evolving consumer behaviour, marked by a shift towards utilising these platforms for booking airline tickets, train reservations, and various other travel products.

Top 10

Download the full ranking at Decision Lab’s website.  

Mr Thue Quist Thomasen, CEO  of Decision Lab, commented on the ranking:

“Vietnam's travel and tourism landscape is brimming with opportunities for growth in 2024. Despite some changes in the score, the top companies remain. One noticeable signal in the ranking is super apps' growing popularity and influence in the Vietnamese travel market. As these platforms continue to expand their offerings and provide seamless, integrated experiences, they are well-positioned to capture an increasing share of the online travel booking space in the near future.”

Top 5 Improvers: Agoda is the best climber despite flat overall ranking

Top 5

Decision Lab unveiled the five "most improved" brands in addition to the overall rankings.

Agoda and Traveloka topped the improvers list, increasing their scores by 1.9 and 1.5 points, respectively. Booking.com claimed third place with a 1.3-point increase. Klook and Vietjet Air completed the top five, with improvements of 0.9 and 0.6 points, respectively.

Download the full ranking at Decision Lab’s website.  

Among the top 5 improvers, Agoda stands out as the only brand to achieve the highest increase in score without a corresponding rise in its overall ranking. While the increase in score demonstrates the company's efforts in enhancing service and customer experience, the wide score gap among brands has likely contributed to its flat overall position. This further reinforces the intense competition within the travel industry. 
Travel brands can leverage the Decision Lab Travel Rankings 2024 as a feedback source and a benchmark to assess their performance, allowing them to pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement. Moreover, these rankings can be a source of motivation and inspiration, driving brands to enhance their services, products, and promotional strategies and boosting their brand consideration among consumers.

Download the full ranking at Decision Lab’s website.