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Lima Curtis

What brands must know about Generation Z in Vietnam

There are 14.4 million of them; each one with a monthly disposable income of 2,441,509VND ($108USD) as well as a considerable influence in household purchasing decisions.

Clearly, Vietnam’s Generation Z (those aged between 13-21 years’ old) is a group brands must know how and where to connect with.

But, according to a new country-wide report from Decision Lab and OMD, surveyed in our Online Community, they are not like their millennial predecessors and rather than roaming the streets, Generation Z prefers to stay at home and socialise online.

Generation Z’s favourite hobbies are reading their Facebook wall (79 %) or chatting online (71 %). Perhaps shockingly, fewer than a third (30 %) say they feel comfortable talking to their friends in person. Most say they’d rather use a chat app.  This is a generation that has only known a world with the internet and brands must act accordingly and learn to speak the language they do – in this case emojis!

However, this isn’t a shallow cohort, and Vietnam’s young people care a lot about the world around them, showing a clear preference for brands that stand for a cause. The report goes on to explain how brands should use this insight to connect with Generation Z including:

  • Making it clear they serve a higher purpose, by standing for a cause.
  • Use emojis – 47% of young Vietnamese would rather express their emotions with these than words
  • Having an active social management team as this is where Gen Z will go to criticise brands
  • Sharing simple, bite sized messages to be consumed via mobile
  • Delivering messages as stories in a staggered manner to prolong engagement.

You can download the full report here.

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