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Social Media
Phong Do

What’s hot and what’s not: Social media preferences of Vietnamese consumers in Q1 2023

The Connected Consumer Q1 2023 report - Vietnam’s leading digital landscape report - was recently released by Decision Lab and the Mobile Marketing Association Vietnam (MMA). The study focuses on consumers' online habits, such as their use of social media, entertainment (music, movies, and videos), and online shopping.

The full report can be downloaded free from Decision Lab’s website.

Social media landscape: Top platforms maintained the previous quarter’s usage rates

Facebook, Zalo, and YouTube remain the most popular social media platforms. Their usage rates have been maintained from the previous quarter. Facebook is still the number one social media platform in Vietnam in terms of usage. However, its primary position is now three percentage points lower than in the previous quarter. Gen X and Z saw Facebook as less of a must-have app in Q1 2023. 

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The number of people using Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn decreased slightly. Nevertheless, the decline in Instagram usage was only noticeable among Generations X and Y members, indicating that younger users continue to favour the platform.

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The full report can be downloaded free from Decision Lab’s website.

TikTok bounces back from a crack, but YouTube is still on track

The short videos category was a battleground in Q1 2023. Reels and Shorts fought hard to keep users entertained with new features and updates. Instagram also joined the fray as a platform for short videos.


TikTok's penetration rates dropped for two quarters in a row. But its users still had a crush on it. Facebook Reels saw a tiny bump of 1pp in preference. Gen X and Y increased their preference for Reels by 2pp. Among Gen Z, TikTok won back its favorability to Q2 2022 level after 2 declined quarters.


TikTok also made a comeback among Gen Z as their favourite platform for entertainment videos. However, YouTube is still the leader in this category, with no signs of slowing down. Its penetration rate remained at 93% compared to the previous quarter, while TikTok and Facebook lost some ground in Q1 2023. 

Zalo remained Vietnam’s most used platform for connecting with close ones

Zalo continued to dominate the messaging app market. It is Vietnam's second most-used social media platform and remains the most popular platform for connecting with close ones, despite a slight decrease in usage (-1%).

The messaging platform gained three percentage points as Vietnam's favourite messaging app in Q1 2023, especially among Gen X, with a jump of 5%. Among Gen Z, Zalo’s importance increased sharply by 6%.

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The full report can be downloaded free from Decision Lab’s website.