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Thue Thomasen

Helping Vietnamese beauty brand Finomas with a successful product launch

The recent rapid increase in both disposable income and living standards in Vietnam has fueled a huge rise in the demand for sophisticated beauty and personal care products. The market is appealing to both international and Vietnamese companies who can see great potential and Finomas, one of the Vietnam’s most loved brands, recently saw great success with a new slimming product that combed natural ingredients with a modern marketing campaign.


Finomas, a company that is proud of its strong traditional ties, created a new product based on natural and traditional ingredients. The skin cream was designed to help users tone-up problem areas of their bodies. The company had already conducted quantitative studies so they knew the product was liked and had strong market potential. However, Finomas wanted to gain a deeper understanding of what people were looking for in this category and when they used skin cream in order to better market it. They engaged with Decision Lab to conduct agile, connected and decision focused market research.


Decision Lab conducted a qualitative study of 18-50 year olds in which we gained insight into the concerns the user might have about their body, their beauty aspirations and how they felt when they used the cream. We conducted a range of focus groups that provided in-depth product feedback.


The information from Decision Lab’s studies in Vietnam provided Finomas with the information they needed to market the slimming product and see a successful launch. 

If you company is in a similar situation, we can help you ensure a succesfull product launch. Get in touch with our Decision Consultants for more information and read more about how we help products succeed here.