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Nguyen Tien Dat

Helping San Miguel pick the right packaging

In order to increase the conversion from shelf-to-basket, brands need to be sure that their packaging is interacting with their consumers optimally.

But in a fast-moving world, consumers’ needs and decision making processes are ever changing, which can be almost impossible for brands to keep up, putting their market shares at risk.

However, thanks to Decision Lab’s “Pack Decider”, brands can now quickly and easily make qualified decisions for their packaging, which will help them compete better. 

Addressing the issues

As one of the leading food companies in the Philippines, San Miguel Pure Foods (SMPF), has an established history of almost 100 years. With rapid expansion into new markets such as Vietnam, SMPF have to make quicker and more efficient decisions.

Take Le Gourmet Brand as an example. The prepackaged German-style sausage product is growing fast in the Vietnamese market and has become available in all major supermarket chains across the country. However, research to expand the market can be very time-consuming. Therefore, SMPF needed a clear solution for making optimal decisions quickly.

They needed to test their current packaging fast in order to increase conversion from shelf-to-basket. They wanted to know how it fared compared to their competitors and also identify areas for improvement to make the best packaging.

The approach

A fast and flexible online survey is what SMPF needed to be agile and connected with their consumers. Not only did the survey help them understand more about the market, it also gave them clear insights into how their packaging fared generally and in comparison to their competitors.

The Pack Decider comprised of:

1. Go / No Go Decision Model

A Clear Go or No Go decision with scores to measure the attractiveness of the packaging and its competitors.


2. Like and Dislike Product Heatmap

Simulated consumer attention of the supermarket shelf to understand the packaging’s ability to grab attention while on the shelf.

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3. An easy-to-digest real-time dashboard

An Online Dashboard showing all the findings in real-time from the fieldwork, allowing SMPF to access the packaging KPIs with just a glance on the tablet.

PKDR - Dashboard for SMPF

Decision Lab's Pack Decider Dashboard

With the decision focused report, SMPF attained clear actionable recommendations on the winning packaging, and a clear view of the effects of their packaging in relation to how consumers perceive the brand. 

Download the Pack Decider product sheet here.


SMPF obtained clear and applicable takeaways which helped them to:

  • Review their packaging, evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, identify areas for improvement and fine-tuning.
  • Understand how market research could help them predict the impact of future decisions.
  • Understand the factors that made good packaging or bad packaging.

With Pack Decider, San Miguel Pure Foods was easily able to identify the standout, brand fit, and sales potential of their packaging designs and make a decision to further develop the new packaging variants.

Pack Decider is a solution that clearly identifies the stand-out, brand-fit and sales potential of your new packaging designs. Start to test your packaging with us today.