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Phong Do

KFC tops the Decision Lab Best F&B Rankings for the second year in a row

KFC (27.5) has once again claimed the ‘Best F&B Brand’ title in Vietnam, according to the Decision Lab Best F&B Rankings 2024. Highlands Coffee (25.2) and Trung Nguyên Legend (21.8) secured their runner-up and third spots, respectively.

Sibojyoti Chatterjee, General Director at KFC VN, commented on the rankings:

“We're thrilled to be ranked the #1 F&B brand by Decision Lab for 2024. This reflects our commitment to quality and creating outstanding customer experiences. Thanks to our team and loyal customers, we're excited to continue delivering the best".

Download the full report at the Decision Lab’s website.

Top 10 F&B Brands

The Vietnamese F&B market is expected to boom in 2024, marked by the expansion of restaurants and coffee chains. Consumers, especially the younger generation, increasingly prioritise convenience and embrace dining out as a regular experience rather than just for special occasions. Additionally, coffee culture continues to thrive, with coffee chains becoming popular social hubs and offering a respite from daily life. The F&B scene is dynamic and adapting to the evolving preferences of Vietnamese consumers.

Decision Lab, YouGov’s exclusive partner in Vietnam, has released the Decision Lab Best F&B Rankings 2024. The rankings cover major brands in the F&B market. It reveals the top brands in terms of overall brand health and the most improved brands over the past year.

Brands are ranked based on YouGov BrandIndex’s Index Score, a measure of overall brand health calculated by taking each brand's average Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Recommend, and Reputation score.

Download the full report at the Decision Lab’s website.

KFC continues to top the Decision Lab Best F&B Rankings in Vietnam, scoring 27.5 points. Its Index score places it well ahead of other popular quick-service restaurants. In 2023, KFC also secured the highest Index score (28.8), and its score has fallen by 1.3 points this year.

Highlands Coffee secures its runner-up position with a score of 25.2. Trung Nguyen Legend, which achieved an Index score of 21.8, jumps to third. Phuc Long Coffee and Tea achieves an Index score of 17.9 to come in fourth. The Korean QSR chain, Lotteria, drops two spots to fifth position, scoring 17.7.

The other brands in the top 10 are The Coffee House (16.2), McDonald’s (15.3), Jollibee (15.2), Starbucks (12.5), and Pizza Hut (11.9).


Commenting on the report, Mr Thue Quist Thomasen, CEO of Decision Lab, said:

“Decision Lab Best F&B Rankings 2024 indicates strong brand loyalty among Vietnamese consumers. Despite some changes in their scores, the top companies remain. The key takeaway here is the power of branding. Brands that want to grow sustainably must invest in high-quality products and services and brand reputation. This will help to build long-term brand engagement and customer loyalty.”


Top 5 Improvers: Trung Nguyen Legend is the most impressive climber

Top 5 F&B Improver

Download the full report at the Decision Lab’s website.

Decision Lab released the five “most improved” brands alongside the overall rankings.

Trung Nguyên Legend and Jollibee lead the improver ranking with a score increase of 3.9 and 2.5. Highlands Coffee secured its third spot, increasing by 1.5 points. Texas Chicken and Cộng Cà Phê round up the top 5. Both increased by 1 point.

Mr Luong Binh Hai, Corporate Marketing Director at Trung Nguyên Legend, commented about the ranking:

“As Vietnam's leading coffee brand, Trung Nguyen Legend, with its great aspirations and the spirit for service, through its efforts to provide excellent cups of energetic coffee and inspiring books, has created differences and recognised as the most improved brand in Decision Lab Best F&B Rankings 2024.”

Mr Lam Hong Nguyen, General Manager at Jollibee, shared:

"Jollibee is honoured to rank among Vietnam's top F&B brands and be recognised for our significant improvement. This achievement reflects our dedication to providing delicious, high-quality food experiences that resonate with Vietnamese consumers. We're committed to continuous innovation and growth, and we look forward to serving Vietnam for many years to come."


About the research

The Decision Lab Best F&B Rankings 2024 are calculated using data collected from YouGov's online panel in Vietnam daily from the flagship YouGov BrandIndex solution.

The brands were ranked based on YouGov BrandIndex’s Index score, which measures overall brand health calculated by taking the average of Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Recommendation and Reputation. 

The Index Rankings chart shows the brands with the highest Index scores between 1 March 2023 and 29 February 2024. 

The Index Improvers chart ranks the brands with the highest increase in Index scores, comparing 1 March 2023 and 29 February 2024 with the previous 12 months. 

Both scores are representative of the online population of adults 18+.

All brands must have been tracked for at least six months to be included in the rankings and for at least 18 months (as well as currently being tracked) to appear in the Improvers tables.

Download the full report at the Decision Lab’s website.