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Application for the 2022 Intake is now open scroll down to apply.

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Download the info pack for this vacancy to learn more

Application for the 2022 Intake is now closed. Check back later for our next recruitment season - you can still download the info pack to learn more about the company and the job position!

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Decision Lab: Defining Agile Market Research In The Digital Age

the forefront of digital marketing measurment

The making of agile marketing professionals

Each Associate will be closely mentored by their manager to walk through full project management cycle and get exposed to various tasks that require practical application of methods and agile solutions.

On top of that, forget about such market research stereotypes – you will find no boring data-crunching geeks or statistical nerds here. This is a true hub of cool, smart, ambitious and party peeps in Saigon!

Quynh Mai

Associate - 2020 intake
Master of Science in Management, Cass Business School
Bachelor of Science in Psychology - University of Bath

The information was communicated very thoroughly and transparently from the beginning, giving me a clear idea of what to expect and prepare.

I also got to learn about the functions
and organizations of each team in the company, which helped me narrow the options that best fit my interests.

Dang Thien

Senior Consultant - 2018 intake
Bachelor of Business in Marketing - Western Sydney University

Decision Lab provides a great opportunity for you to step into the dynamic environment of market research.

A combination of training, mentoring and on-the-job experience is designed to expose you to multiple areas of expertise, challenge your ambitions and develop you into a leading consultant of the industry. And working here is really fun too.

Linh Dan

Associate - 2020 intake
Master of Science in Sociology - The London School of Economics & Political Science.
Bachelor of Science in Sociology - Manchester University

If you are bold enough, join Decision Lab

Decision Lab is looking for great talents to join our small, but fast growing team. This is your chance to continuously challenge yourself to discover your abilities in an international start-up environment.

We believe people define the culture and success of the company. Decision Lab constantly strives to create the best working environments, where we create changes and make things happen. We acknowledge the contribution of each individual and provide our staff with plenty of room to grow with new challenges and rewards in every step of your career.

intake schedule 2022
Application Deadline
2022 intake
Starting Date
frequently asked questions

You may ask...

Download the info pack to learn more

1. Is this job open to part-time working students?

This is a full-time position tailored to final year students, recent graduates, or young professionals with a few years of working experience.

If you are a part-time working student, you are still eligible to apply but please bear in mind that you need to arrange your time properly to be available during business hours.

2. What if my major is irrelevant to the job requirements?

We welcome applicants from any business-related majors in general, because we really think that your college major doesn't matter that much, as long as you are indeed passionate and interested in market research.

3. How many rounds in total do I need to pass to get the job?

The first round that you’ll need to pass is common for whichever job you apply, which is the resume and cover letter, so we will screen applicants first through this process.

After that, you will have to do an online test, which will test how much you are actually suitable for market research (logic, math, essay, etc...)

Finally, there will be two rounds of interviews with your future peers and our co-founders. In total, there are four rounds.

4. Is this job located in Ho Chi Minh city? Can a person outside of Ho Chi Minh city apply to work?

The answer is yes. Decision Lab’s office is located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. We have always welcomed talents from across Vietnam and overseas. In fact, more than half of your future colleagues are from places like Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Copenhagen, New Delhi, Manila, just to name a few.

5. How will the test be conducted, especially for those who live outside Ho Chi Minh City?

After receiving your application, if qualified, we will invite you to take an online assessment to evaluate your logical thinking and writing skills. If successfully passed the online test, you would be invited to the second round of face-to-face interviews with Decision Lab's consultants and co-founders.

For candidates who live outside Ho Chi Minh City, we'll conduct the online interviews via Skype, which we have done successfully in the past.

6. What is the maximum number of accepted candidates this time?

We are looking for an ideal number of 5 exceptional candidates on this intake. However, it's the quality of the candidates that drives the success of the recruitment, not the number. We rarely compromise on this matter.

7. I had some working experience in a different field, now I want to change my career path. Will I be qualified for the job?

Regardless of your past experiences, we believe that your attitude toward the challenges and the ability to learn are the ingredients for success.

8. If I do not meet your requirements, can I still apply?

We encourage you to still apply. We welcome applicants from various backgrounds with interest and the willingness to learn about market research.

9. What is the format of 1st and 2nd interviews?

Peer-to-peer interview:
You will have a small chat with 1-2 members of the Decision Lab team. This informal conversation aims to help us find out more about you and your personality to see if you are right for us. It also works both ways: it is a chance for you to assess if we are the right company for you. Once we notify you the outcome of the interview, you can proceed into the final interview.
Final interview:
You will have an interview with one of our cofounders/directors (Thue or Aske) and one member of the Decision Lab team. The interview consists of 3 parts: case study analysis, case study presentation, and a face-to-face interview. It aims to assess your analytical competency, presentation skills and your attitude to see if you and Decision Lab are truly a perfect match.

10. What is YouGov and what part does it play in the Decision Lab's recruitment?

YouGov Vietnam is an independent partner of YouGov Plc, an international research data and analytics group headquartered in London. Starting in 2020, YouGov Vietnam is operated by Decision Lab. This partnership combines YouGov's global expertise with Decision Lab's local insight; bringing innovative platforms to brands in Vietnam and offering unrivalled access to the latest data on consumer trends. After successfully completing the bootcamp program, incoming Associates will be allocated to suitable teams, including YouGov team.