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Inside the lab

It's no secret that driving marketing strategy today is a completely different game to when the Ad Men of Madison Avenue shaped the business decades ago.

The increased complexity in communication pathways has been seen by many as the biggest challenge - you can no longer screen a TV ad and expect millions to sit through it passively. But this doesn’t mean the game is over.

On the contrary we see it as a completely new and improved playing field with many more far more effective pathways to your consumers, improving your chances of gaining a competitive advantage and increasing market share.

But while these channels can provide bountiful rewards, it can seem impossible to understand where your consumer is and when. New connectivity between brands and consumers, between devices, media and platforms and between consumers themselves sharing stories, reviews and comments only furthers the complexity.

Marketers need to truly understand how and where their consumers are interacting with their brands, make decisions faster and in a different continuum than before, while keeping up with an ever-evolving demographic. 

This is where we come in.

Our three key ingredients


Online Community

Our Online Community is the largest in Southeast Asia for research, and enables us to collect a far-reaching range of opinions instantly.

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Partners & Technologies

We integrate with some of the strongest partners and technologies in the industry to handle data faster and with more flexibility.

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Decision Consultants

Our Lab is staffed with an international team of Decision Consultants who take pride in taming data and deliver structured and concise decision support.

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Where we come from

Decision Lab was founded in 2009 by Aske Østergård and Thue Quist Thomasen in Hong Kong and Vietnam in partnership with the market research arm of Nordic consultancy Capacent, which later changed its name to Epinion.

From the beginning our purpose has been to support clients in making better decisions by applying cutting edge research technology combined with competent upmarket consultancy.

Our pioneering approach was recognisable from the get-go and we were the first market research company in Vietnam to abandon paper based interviews, as well as the first player in the market to introduce online research. Today we operate the largest online research community in Southeast Asia from which we can advise clients on a multitude of marketing decisions.

In 2016 Aske and Thue bought out the Nordic partners to enable a full focus on supporting consumer brands in Southeast Asia. Today the company operates out of Vietnam and Singapore under its new brand: Decision Lab.



Aske Nickolaj Bach Østergård

Aske has more than ten years’ international experience in business and research and, together with Thue, built up Decision Lab’s predecessor, Epinion, from a bold idea and lead it into a leading and ground-breaking market research company.

A graduate of Mathematics and Economics from the University of Copenhagen, Aske is as dedicated and passionate about problem solving and statistics today as he was as a fresh undergraduate. In fact, his idea of relaxing is to play with statistical models and crunch data to solve real-world problems.



Thue Quist Thomasen

With more than 14 years’ experience in marketing, business development and market research, Thue has a fearless approach to business and leadership and helped Aske grow Decision Lab’s predecessor, Epinion from a bold idea into a successful and thriving business.

A graduate of both Copenhagen and HKUST Business Schools, Thue’s passion for new business concepts and entrepreneurship is clear in all of his work, and he even spends his leisure time messing around with new business concepts and entrepreneurship ideas, wondering which area he can disrupt next.


Our clients



Helping brands tap into Vietnam's changing eating habits 




The Connected Consumer Q1 2022                                                          




The Connected Consumer Q4 2021                                                           



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Online Community

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