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Successfully launch new products

To stay relevant in the minds of today’s consumers brands must constantly innovate, but it can be a costly and painful process. According to Harvard Business School, between 70% and 90% of new products fail to find buyers. Consequently, most new products are pulled from the shelves within the first 12 months.


To reduce the chances of this happening to your new product we offer a range of solutions that give fast validation and support a continuous iterative process ensuring your product is optimally fine tuned before and after launch.


Is your concept commercially viable?

With Concept Decider we offer early stage testing of one or more concepts with the purpose of making go or no-go decisions and optimizing the concepts. Concept Decider evaluates the concepts’ commercial potential by assessing the overall proposition, the performance on 8 core attributes, purchase intent, brand fit and comparative preference.

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Can my product’s features or packaging be improved?

Pack Decider provides rapid online consumer feedback on your new packaging design and product features. Recommended as a follow-up to Concept Decider, it assesses consumer overall liking and purchase intent, making it perfect when you have to make important decisions fast.

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Can I be sure my new product will have market success?

To establish the viability of your final product or prototype we put it to the test with live consumer testing. Working with fieldwork partners, consumers in your target group will feel, try and taste your products. The tests are customized according to your product’s development stage and category. We typically help answer:

Will consumers buy the product? What is the right price? How does the product perform on key diagnostics? Which improvements will have the highest impact? Does the product live up to the expectations set by the concept? Will the product achieve incremental growth or cannibalize the existing portfolio?

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Our three key ingredients


Online Community

Our Online Community is the largest in Southeast Asia for research, and enables us to collect a far-reaching range of opinions instantly.

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Partners & Technologies

We integrate with some of the strongest partners and technologies in the industry to handle data faster and with more flexibility.

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Decision Consultants

Our Lab is staffed with an international team of Decision Consultants who take pride in taming data and deliver structured and concise decision support.

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