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Strategy and Planning

Most key business decisions involve how best to access a market. The right decisions enable businesses to gain a foothold in the market, connect with consumers and establish a strong brand presence. The wrong decisions lead to huge amounts of time and resources being wasted on non-lucrative products and non-beneficial campaigns.

What’s more, unclear and ill-thought strategy leads to brands and names being lost in a saturated market with no means to make an impact on consumers.

Understanding usage and attitude

In order to understand how to optimize the success of a product, you need to know more than just why it is or isn’t being bought, but how it's being interacted with at every point of the consumer pathway. What are your consumers’ pain points? Are they even using your product the way you are marketing it for? Is it mostly bought when it’s on sale?

Our dedicated team of experts look at all of these questions and many more to support you in every step of your marketing and business decisions.

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Develop new strategy

Our dedicated and innovative Marketing Scientists work closely with you to develop a strategy optimized for your needs. With both a wealth of experience in your industry and an ingenious approach to problem solving, we’ll present you with completely fresh strategy, and all the tools you need to implement it. From the very first meeting to the last, our experts take you on a learning and decision journey.

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Our three key ingredients


Online Community

Our Online Community is the largest in Southeast Asia for research, and enables us to collect a far-reaching range of opinions instantly.

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Partners & Technologies

We integrate with some of the strongest partners and technologies in the industry to handle data faster and with more flexibility.

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Decision Consultants

Our Lab is staffed with an international team of Decision Consultants who take pride in taming data and deliver structured and concise decision support.

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