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Crafting the right message

In the past, marketing was a relatively linear and predictable process. As a marketer, you came up with the Big Idea, shot your television commercials and aired them. Today, consumers are more mobile, social and connected and as such expect their brands to be. They use several platforms sequentially and simultaneously so crafting a persuasive message is not just about TV anymore.

In fact, it’s about your whole integrated marketing program. From the billboards crowding the streets to the digital ads competing for attention on the web -all of it needs to capture moments and resonate with your consumers!


When time and budget are limited and you need to be sure that the message you think you are communicating is actually the same as the one that’s being received, it’s imperative you are aware of the best platforms and methods to communicate your message. Decision Lab’s Ad Lab is an intensive process where all aspects of you ad are analysed, tweaked and road tested to your specific audience.

Our enthusiastic Decision Consultants will repeatedly pull apart your ad, then put it back together again until they are happy they can support you in your bid to communicate the optimal message.

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Is my ad strong enough to go live?

Creative Decider predicts how well your ad will perform and helps you make informed decisions about the best versions and platforms. Does your ad deliver the intended message? How will it impact my brand? Which version of my TV ad resonates best with my consumers? Will my video ad work as a skippable ad on YouTube and in Facebook’s autoplay environment?

These are just some of the questions you need answers to before you invest in media and we can get them to you fast.

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Our three key ingredients


Online Community

Our Online Community is the largest in Southeast Asia for research, and enables us to collect a far-reaching range of opinions instantly.

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Partners & Technologies

We integrate with some of the strongest partners and technologies in the industry to handle data faster and with more flexibility.

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Decision Consultants

Our Lab is staffed with an international team of Decision Consultants who take pride in taming data and deliver structured and concise decision support.

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